Prince Charming

New York City, 2009

MY HUSBAND IS COMING TO TAKE ME HOME ON FRIDAY! It’s utterly amazing how this knowledge has both sped up and slowed down time.

Of course, this also means I only have a few days left to take care of NYC business, which I shall complete in time – this I swear!

1. Finishing business for grandma that involves foot traffic she is no longer capable of doing.

New York City, 2009

2. Bugging the doormen of the building book #3 is set in until someone can answer my questions

3. Setting up the interview with the policewoman who’s said she’s willing to answer my questions about her job (again, for book #3). This is very, very fun.

On that note, fingers crossed that my beloved and I can find gainful employment soon. Gotta love recession. In conclusion, Random Dragon!

This Stone Dragon Rocks My World

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