Links, Just Because

Heading out to dinner shortly, but first, here are a ton of links, just for fun.

Blind woman sees with tooth implant. Whoa.

What to expect from an agent-author agreement.

Two fantastic posts here: How To Be Professional, and How to Ruin Your Online Reputation. It cannot be emphasized enough that agents these days WILL Google your name. Make sure there’s nothing negative for them to find.

Interesting thoughts on the much-vaunted sales of The Lost Symbol.  That is to say, Kindle vs. Print.

China’s “cancer villages.” Eeeeuuaaaaaaugh.

This is just… weird. Monster washes up on shore.

And last but not least, I managed to take some truly fantastic photos of a dragonfly! Go ahead and click, and view full size. The detail of his (her?) wings amazed me.

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