Submitted to my two favorite agents. We will see what happens next. The finalized query, btw:

Alex doesn’t know what he is. Four wings burst from his back after his twelfth birthday, and a strange instinct to protect those around him is taking over his life. No longer believing his unknown father was human, he flees his island home.

Alex lands in modern-day Aberdeen, Scotland, but instead of finding freedom and answers, he finds a war. The mythos – the world’s magic wielders – are desperate for survival, which means staying hidden from humanity in spite of internal conflict. Alex’s instinct to protect sends him into that war headlong, and he finds himself standing between the Unseelie kingdom and complete destruction. With the fate of thousands on his shoulders, Alex puts his own questions aside and learns the difficult lesson that he cannot save everyone.

Guardian is YA paranormal fantasy, complete at 65,300 words. I am so done for tonight. *crash*

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