No Time to Waste

I wasted time, and now doth time waste me. ~William Shakespeare

See that quote there? That is something I took to heart a long time ago, when I realized that so many creative people just… drag along, hiding themselves, waiting for some meteor to hit them in the head engraved with ‘you can do it!’, waiting for lightning to flash across the sky and tell them it’s ‘time’ to act on their dreams.

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Congrats and Clichés

There are only a limited number of stories in the world. The key to writing something fresh is not, in fact, inventing something completely new. It’s kind of like scrambled eggs.The spices are what makes them stand out.

Query, Take Two!

Until twelve year old Alex grew wings, he had no idea magic existed.

But it does – worlds of it, separated from ours by the thinnest of walls, which Alex tears through accidentally when he uses his new wings to escape the isolated brothel in which he was born.

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Wild Times

Today brought a slight existential crisis, an hour or two of freaking out, and – at the end – a frightening realization: there may be circumstances in which I will not accept an agent’s offer of representation.

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Two boosts in one day.

1. People who remember my fanfic to this day and are actually STILL fans – and if I could write well enough to snag people eleven years ago, I can damn well do it now.

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The Roaring Secret

What is a roaring secret, you might ask?

It’s not hidden at all. It’s something said over and over again by those who understand it, vocally, publically, loudly: Persist, no matter how long it takes.


YA Rebels is doing a contest! Click for more info.

Also, I came to a scary, new realization: I have what Jay Lake calls “psychotic persistence.” Click here to find out what we mean.

Confidence, AKA “Huh?”

Debbie Schubert’s terrific post got me thinking, and I came to an amazing realization: I have confidence about my books. This is a new thing.

The Sundered is Done.

The Sundered is complete at 105,000 words, and I am as sleepy and happy as it is possible to be.

Next, of course, comes the Big Edit, which will hopefully trim at least 5,000 words and help me to tighten the query. After that comes the synopsis, then more query-editing, and then- if all beta-readers think it’s ready to go – I will begin the agent-hunting process. Wanna see the query?

Writing and Editing!

This quote from Lilith Saintcrow: “I always wanted to write a book. How do you get published? A: Persistence. Sheer dumb brute persistence. And luck, but the harder you work, the more likely you are to be lucky.” Read the rest of the article for more.

Follow The Light

I am one crazy-sleepy person today, so instead of posting properly, I’m giving you a bunch of links on, John Scalzi, writing comics, and the like. [read more]

Disastrous Learning Curve

I cried a little today. I was going to keep it quiet – as one usually does – and then I thought, “Hey. I can’t be the only writer who deals with this sort of thing,” and decided a better idea would be to talk about it. [read more…]

Music is My Muse

Can I write without music? Certainly. Do I write better with music? You bet your buttons. Here, for your inspirational pleasure, are the current soundtracks for The Sundered. [read more…]

Changing Seasons

Writing is the strangest thing. You start out feeling one way about your stories, your characters, maybe even about your setting, and then something happens: it evolves. [read more…]

Aw, Yeah

Validation is FABULOUS. Go see the good news Marsh of MarshPants (sexy trousers for ball-joint dolls) has today!

2010: It’s All New, Baby

This is going to be a good year. I won’t let it be anything else. 🙂


1.Get in better shape with even more regular visits to the gym.

2. Get that house emptied. There is so much stuff it’s absurd.

3. Write like a madwoman.

4. Find a way to ease my husband’s physical pain. I still haven’t found one yet. There MUST be something.

5. Read. A LOT. My Old Testament knowledge is definitely slipping.

6. Did I mention write? Madwoman-style? [click to read more]

Happy Thanksgiving

With the Reids Black and White Silhouette Flowers
I’m thankful for a husband who rubs my cold hands without being asked.

I’m thankful for friends who encourage me to grow, to learn, to keep thinking, and to keep writing.

I’m thankful for family who loves me and lets me love them, no matter how quirky all of us can be. [read more…]

YES! Night shot!

YES. Managed night-time time-lapse photography. No tripod, so it’s not perfect, but STILL!

New York City Pics

Happy Halloween!

We are so doing a haunted farm tonight. In the meantime, however, have some links because they are intriguing! [Read more…]

Quick Update!

Let’s see, what’s going on? Just got back from grandma’s place, where we had a terrific time, though it’s still hard to see her struggling; I have kept up my decision to exercise five to six days a week, in the gym, first thing after I wake, and I feel good; also, still tweaking my query.

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