YOUR Questions in The Sundered!

So I had an idea. An awesome idea. Ask me your questions, and I’ll put them in the next edition of The Sundered to celebrate the release of my next book.

I am so serious. The Sundered has been copy-edited, is getting a new cover, AND I’m writing an appendix – and I’d like to include what YOU want to know. 😀

Added note: if you don’t have The Sundered and you want to participate, contact me. I’m willing to give it to you for free if you’re willing to ask me questions.

We have a few months until Notte is released, so take your time! Think about it. Whenever you have a question, send it to me, either in this post or at the contact page, and it’ll be published (with or without your name, as you wish!) in the second edition of The Sundered.

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