STRINGS Cover Contest!

Exercise your voting power (and maybe get a free book)!

Hello, friends and neighbors! I have come to you with a humble request: help me choose a cover!

None of the fonts are certain, so do your best to ignore those (hence why I showed options without). Before you are three lovely images, each of which have possibility for Grey‘s novelette, but I really can’t choose.

And hey – since I’m writing these stories for you beautiful people anyway, it seems only right that I should ask for your opinions!

To sweeten the pot, I’ve added prizes. SOMEBODY will randomly be chosen to receive ACTUAL PRINTED BOOKS and I want to emphasize this part: winner of The Sundered, you won’t be getting it right away, but rather when the second edition comes out, you’ll get the NEW COVER second-edition, chock-full of never-before-seen stuff and answers.

Enough blathering. Take a look, think carefully, and enjoy! Feel free to ask questions and share.

Thank you all. Keep being awesome!

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

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