Mom, I’ll See You Later

Goodbye, mom.

Though I shouldn’t say “goodbye.” It’s “see you later,” because I will. I’ll see you again, and I won’t just see you as I knew you, but free from wounds and ills, free from pain and anything that plagued you. I’ll see you, fully you, in ways I never knew on Earth.

See you later, mom. I hope you found grandma there. I hope Grammy kept her promise and met you at the gate. I hope you found all kinds of surprises, including people you never expected to find. I hope you’re making music even better than what was always in your head but just beyond your fingers.

I hope you discovered your grandchildren. It’s weird knowing you’ll meet them before I do.

I know you won’t forget me. I know you’re no longer worried about my future, because of Who handles it. I know that now you see why I married Duane, and how perfect he is for me. I’m jealous of the answers you finally have, and jealous that you get to know the full incredible awesomeness of Love before I do.

I miss you.

I love you.

Mom, I’ll see you later.

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