New Story: Every Good Servant

A companion-piece to FOR DAWS TO PECK AT and EXPECTED, this little tale gives us a glimpse at the mess that led to Terrance, Salome, and Liza’s adventure.“Every good servant does not all commands, said Shakespeare, and he was right.

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Short Story News

Years ago, Seishirou chose to disobey his maker for the sake of love. Today, the bill comes due – but that isn’t the end of his story.

I am my maker’s sword, her tailored executioner. She is strong, and beautiful, and cruel; and always, always, I do as I am told.

Except for one time.

Book News

I’m focusing on two major books right now:

DOMES, the next book after THE SUNDERED, which follows the descendants of humans who fled Earth and its magic for the cold cruelty of space

BELOVED, NOTTE, which follows the 20,000-year-old father of all vampires on his journey from weapon to father of a whole new species.

Also, in case you didn’t know, I’m no longer JUST in Amazon! You can now find my books just about everywhere online, which is a pretty good feeling.

As always, enjoy the read, and let me know if you have any questions.

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