For Daws To Peck At


“Don’t promise what we can’t guarantee. Nobody could protect us from Ravena of Monmouth except for Father, and he’s not here.” [Read a free chapter]

How far would you go for a glimpse of the future?

Terrance, Liza, and Salome would do a lot, up to and including saving the life of Ravena, the family pariah. But family drama is never simple, and tonight, vampires, gruesome prophecies, and the power of choice come together in a crash so wild it will change the world.

New Reviews

5 stars: Another great story from the worlds of the Mythos!
By Amazon Customer on September 30, 2019

Ruthanne Reid’s stories are always so creative and fun to read, with intriguing characters and plot lines, and this one is no exception. Among the Mythos is such an enjoyable story universe and I’m looking forward to reading Beloved, Notte!

5 stars: For Daws to Peck At
By Bruce on September 24, 2019

The author packs an enormous amount of story into a small space. Good characters and good plot. I really enjoyed this book.

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