Letting Go of Publishers Marketplace

This is kind of a big deal to me.

Publishers Marketplace is one of THE best resources for agents and authors and anyone with a professional interest in the literary world. The contacts are amazing. The information is inspiring. The sneak-preview of what books are sold to which publishers are eye-opening and delicious.

It also has a heavy emphasis on what literary agents are willing to work with and what kinds of books publishers think will sell. That means there’s precious little room for an indie author.

I do still want an agent, in a way, but much less than I did. This was really emphasized to me earlier this week, when a traditionally-published author – a fairly well-known, high-selling one – let slip this little nugget: her agent cheerfully told her to take out any references to her boyfriend in her bio, and then boasted about the fact that she’d also made another author remove any references to God.

Why? To make them more “sellable.” These two things are identity issues – the person you love, and who or what you worship. Forcing someone to remove them so they can be “sellable” to a bigger audience is a hideous breach of personal boundaries.

And so, mad as it is, I quit Publishers Marketplace. I may join again someday. After all, I DO still want an agent – but not now. Not yet.

I’m sorry for anyone who’s had to face that choice, and I look forward to the day when that choice is returned.

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