Just Keep Writing

We all have those moments. The kind where our inner critic roams freely like some kind of evil clown, popping our confidence, leaving us deflated.

Where it feels like our dream will Never Come True.

Those times can be rough, but there’s a secret: you can beat your inner critic with just three words.

Just Keep Writing.

Don’t quit because you got another rejection. Don’t quit because you never got a response from that agent who requested the full manuscript. Don’t quit because some trusted people you sent the book to never got around to reading – or responding.

Just Keep Writing.

Will some of your writing suck? Sure. Maybe some of it does now. But as Maureen Johnson puts it so very well, that’s part of the writing-learning process. Dare to suck (and click that link). If you keep going, you’re going to suck less.

Just Keep Writing.

Through the days when you wonder if you’re crazy. Through the clouds of gloom and doom that say “never,” through the nightmares of being a failed writer, complete with a trunk full of things that your kids will someday read and exclaim, “Dear Hell What Is This Crap?”

Just Keep Writing.

Be happy for the friends who “make” it. Don’t envy them. Keep going. Maybe you’ll make it someday, and maybe you won’t. You have no control over the weird combination of timing and skill that grabs the eye of an editor/agent/magician in one lucky moment. Know what you do have control over?

Writing. Keep Doing It. Don’t stop. Learn. Read. Create. Fill your creative well. Rinse, repeat.

You’ll suck less. And your Inner Critic, in the end, will run out of steam before you do.

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