Happy Anniversary, My Love

So why is my husband so awesome? Well, here’s is a list, in no particular order.

Number one: He’s mine. Hands off, ladies (and gents).

Number two: He’s sexy. Seriously. Look at that beard. Do you think that’s even possible without an extra-super-high dose of Man?

Number three: He’s smart. This is a guy who knows what to do with cars, computers, plumbing, and cats. On top of that, he’s constantly learning. What could be sexier than that?

Number four: He’s strong. I don’t just mean physically (although he is). I mean survive-great-illness, patient-through-foreclosure, support-through-miscarriages, support-through-my-publication, always-awesome-friend, always-awesome-lover, definitely-awesome-to-grow-old-with strong.

Number five: He’s godly. I can trust this man to pray, not just for me and others, but for himself and for guidance. I can trust this man to study the Bible and listen to the Holy Spirit and love Jesus more than he loves me, because then he loves me right.

Number six: He makes ME feel sexy. I have more body-image issues than almost anyone I know, but when I’m with him, I forget them all.

Number seven: He makes me laugh. There may be nothing worse or geekier than the two of us quoting Futurama or Dr. Who at each other and giggling, all the while incoherent to those around us.

There are many more reasons, but that’s all you get for now, because I have to go show him these reasons in person – and none of y’all are invited to that.

Aww, yeah.

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