Guess That Settles It, Then

I have had the funniest dream in a long while. It must be shared.

You see, in this dream, my husband was using his electric drill to stick screws into plywood. The plywood was not attached to anything. It just stood there on one end, balanced against a wall, while he drilled through it over and over and over.

It sounded like this (MP3 file).

(If you can’t see the player, click here for the 5 second audio.)

In this dream, I grew very irritated. Not with my husband. Not with the drill. With the scene.

See, this “scene” had no bearing on the rest of the (dream)story. It could be removed entirely without affecting the characterization or dénouement. Therefore, it was a useless scene and a waste of words.

I woke up irritated and determined to delete this scene (from my dream, apparently), and discovered that my husband was snoring and somehow making that exact drill-sound.

I think this confirms I’m supposed to be a writer. Also, I’m never going to look at an electric drill without thinking “plot, damnit!” again.

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