One of the most important cities of Notte’s youth and the last bastion of safety against the ravages of the First War.

Bardsey Island

Bardsey Island: Merlin’s home, location of his glass tower, and numerous shennanigans. Belongs, technically, to Wales.


A city in the world of The Sundered known for violence and aggression


A conflux is a magical travel station, where one may legally cross country and world borders with spells.


One of the cities in the world of The Sundered, Danton wasn’t doing so well by the time Harry came to visit it.

Deep Water

The deepest oceans in the world of the Sundered – deep enough to allow strange, giant predators that arrived at the same time as Sundered Ones.


The pocket-dimension shared by various dragon clans.


An unknown fifth parallel world, created for and by the Guardians who went mad after the First War. It also contains the Wall of Time, holding back a reserve of pure chronos that could and would cause horrific destruction if it ever broke loose.

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A place of suffering and torment. Maybe Hell. Maybe a prison. Maybe the Hush’s primary facility for torture. It could be any of these things, but no one who isn’t in “the know” knows for sure.

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The capitol city of the Seelie Fey, in their world of the Silver Dawning. Silvermoon is a technological wonder, far advanced of any counterpart among the Ever-Dying, and filled to the brim with hungry Fey looking to trade pleasure for a little magic.

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One of the cities in the world of The Sundered. This city is far north, and commonly called a “Snow-City,” which are designed as a series of tunnels in the ground to retain heat, vented by fist-sized holes that let steam out through the ceilings, and keep the canals between the walls.

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