Notte Snippet: Don’t Eat Them, They’re Bakers

This is a sample from my upcoming book, Notte. You can read more about the book here, and join the facebook page here for more updates!

The method for determining bad men was a new one to me.

I had never truly considered whom I ate before. Upon reflection, I know my child did, but I had been incapable of understanding why. Now….

“Do not kill a father, unless he is one who harms his children,” Horse explained in one of his many lectures, directing me to the habit (somewhat unsavory) of listening at doorways and windows to learn more about my prey.

“Not that woman. She is pregnant,” Horse would say.

“Leave him alone. He is still a child,” Horses would say.

“No, not them. They are bakers, and have nothing to offer you,” Horse would say.

“They have blood,” I countered, and received as my rebuke the most withering look a talking horse could muster.

Shockingly effective, it quelled my replies for the rest of the night.

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