Book Review: Stalking Shadows by Tahlia Newland

I’m delighted to get the chance to review this book pre-release. 🙂

Tahlia Newland has built a world where every emotion matters. Where infection (called the Serpentine) can turn evil and selfish feelings into something far more destructive, requiring great mental discipline to combat.

‘So, essentially, we’re fighting our own emotions,’ she had concluded. ‘Which is why defeating the demons can only be achieved by gaining command over your emotions,’ he had said.

This world is the context for Ariel, a young woman in the grip of a prophecy, desperately trying to rescue her mother before her mother is killed… or worse.

Romance-wise, Nick and Ariel have their moments, though I confess that sometimes I want to shake them both until they kiss and make up. Their own fears and personal growth lend the story just a touch of Twilight-style angst, jealousy, and we-can-never-be-together-frustration.

One of the key facets of Ms. Newland’s writing is she tends to follow Neil Gaiman’s advice: “Find the right word, put it down.” She has a skill for choosing words that deftly avoid passive-verb problems, skillfully weaving her impressive world-building and unique system of magic and power.

It’s a visual writing style – you can see the action.

I enjoy the subtle (and not so subtle) message of all life being important, and there being hope for everyone, no matter how tainted. If you’re interested in this book, do check it out. All pertinent information can be found here:

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  • Title: Stalking Shadows (Book two of the Diamond Peak Series)
  • Author: Tahlia Newland
  • Publisher: Catapult Press
  • Genre: New adult contemporary fantasy[/list] [/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Purchase links

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