Book Review: Demon’s Grip by Tahlia Newland

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Demon's Grip by Tahlia Newland
Demon’s Grip by Tahlia Newland

He’d known it was too late even before he saw the hole burned through her white blouse into her chest and the glazed, lifeless look of her eyes. He had touched his fingertips to her eyelids and slid them shut.Tahlia Newland. Demon’s Grip (Kindle Locations 96-97). Catapult Press.

This book leaves no doubts as to the direness of our protagonists’ situation.

In the midst of death and sacrifice, Nick and Ariel finally arrive at the Sheldra university, but of course, all is not well. The good news: Ariel has finally stopped her mad streak of denial and admitted she loves and needs Nick. (And Ruthanne does a happy dance.) The bad news: Nick no longer has time to wait for her to make up her mind, and the evil forces pursuing her have only gotten more clever.

This book is definitely the best of the three. Tahlia’s style really bloomed somewhere between book two and three, and the flow in this book is a huge jump toward awesomeness.

Now, remember: this world and its powers depend entirely on the transforming force of negative and positive emotions. So with Ariel finally realizing she’s in love but unable to act on it, she has become vulnerable to insidious and intimate attacks… which is exactly what the demon does.

‘Physical desire can be a natural expression of genuine love , but if you think of the other more as an object for your own pleasure or adornment than as a person, then it is not love.’

Tahlia Newland. Demon’s Grip (Kindle Locations 1830-1832). Catapult Press.

Yep. Even lust can be a problem.

‘Allow your mind to be spacious … look at what rises there.’

Ariel almost laughed. She knew what would rise. She was familiar with it now; the pain of separation, the angst of his absence, the desire to be with him , to touch him, to feel his touch on her and have him fill the hole in her heart. A fantasy formed in her mind and, instead of letting it pass, she reached out like an addict for her drug, craving its pleasure.

Tahlia Newland. Demon’s Grip (Kindle Locations 2336-2339). Catapult Press.

Ariel is growing up. With that maturing comes new problems and difficulties, and new ways for the serpentine to attack her. With this in mind, Tahlia tackles the tricky topic of addiction in this story, sorta-kinda with hints of rape. Ariel’s struggle is part of the core of this book, and I suspect essential to her development as the heroine of this series.

‘Don’t touch me!’ She jumped up and stepped away. ‘I’m disgusting.’

Tahlia Newland. Demon’s Grip (Kindle Location 4224). Catapult Press.

That’s the gist of why those who are addicted have so much trouble reaching out for help. Right there.

you have to want to be well and to get rid of Emot’s taint.

Tahlia Newland. Demon’s Grip (Kindle Location 4430). Catapult Press.

And there’s the other half. Addiction is a spooky topic to touch, very much part of real life and not just this story.

I won’t say more lest there be spoilers. Suffice it to say this book focuses on the internal war more than the external, balancing out the extensive battles of the previous book. I still kind of want to throttle Nick and Ariel both, just a little, but I am at this point convinced I’ll be completely satisfied with the way their relationship grows.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading the last of the series. It’s a delight to watch this author grow.

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