the Ever-Dying

The Ever-Dying are humans, so-called because – from the viewpoint of magical beings – we’re dying from the moment we’re born.

Note: this is a placeholder. There will be much more information in the future!

The Ever-Dying (humans) are called that because they grow ill, heal poorly, and age rapidly. From a magical, long-lived point of view, humans are constantly dying from the moment they’re born. As a planet-wide species, we tend to average about seventy years.

The Ever-Dying (humans) have one major drive: to explore. It’s the reason the Mythos assigned us a little boat as our symbol in the wheel of the Mythos; it seems no matter what era, no matter what culture or DNA grouping, humans are driven to explore, discover, push further and deeper into the world. We’re never satisfied with where we are; we always believe there’s more, and (most importantly) that we have the right to conquer it.


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