What’s YOUR worth as a writer?

You may find this funny: this post was originally much longer.

I had all these examples of famous writers through history, showing proof positive that their worth as writers had nothing to do with money they made (which was little) or followers they gained in their lifetime (few to negative numbers), but rather from the quality of their work and the legacy they left behind.

And it was all wrong. So instead, you get a shorter, more personal version that comes straight from my heart.

Your Foundation For Worth

I’m starting with a quote I find very important.

Even if you never publish this book, you are still a valid human being (seriously). When I admitted this to an established writer I admired, she said she felt the same way. Only her mantra was, “Even if I never publish another book, I am still a valid human being.”

Sarah Selecky, May 5 2010

Hear me: You have worth. Yes, already. Yes, before you’ve written a word. Yes, before you’re published. Yes, even after you’re published and it feels like nobody cares.

I know “you have worth” runs right up against the struggles and doubt you battle on a daily basis.

You aren’t alone in that fight. Though your doubts want to isolate you and tell you that you are alone, you aren’t. We all fight those doubts. They suck balls.

If you want to talk to me about this, argue with me, whatever, either reply in the comments or shoot me an email. This is important enough that I’m ready to discuss it.

Your worth is not in danger, fellow writer. Whether your stories succeed or fail, your worth is not in danger. Whether your new projects fizzle or take off, your worth is not in danger.

Keep going, fellow writer. You – yes you – are worth the fight.

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