Will Trade Tacos For Brains

That’s not an offer for trade-in. It is an offering to my brain, in gratitude.

My apologies for not being around much (if at all). Family is going through some interesting health issues, and my time is going to be neatly split between NH and NY very soon. Oh boy.

Writing-wise, I finally figured out why the rewrite of Alex (title pending) is working: pacing.

The scenes that felt wrong before were rushed. Some authors struggle with making things too slow; I struggle with the opposite problem. Trying to get to the “good stuff,” I left too much in the “author-brain” space, too many things unsaid in the assumption that the reader would see what I saw.

Don’t reject yourself. It’s not worth the cost.

Supporting cast had to be developed. Surrounding magics needed illumination – it wasn’t enough to hint at something. This is world-building. If I don’t explain the magic I just made up, there’s no reason why the reader would understand it.

I am so happy with this new understanding. Tacos = celebration. (Tacos and strawberry-rhubarb pie. No, not at the same time. Are you crazy?)

From my research this week: nightmares in German folklore. Nifty! Also, all the name generators you could possibly want, right here. Here’s some good advice from Shonna Slayton: Don’t reject yourself.

Some fantastic writing resources on Twitter from Elizabeth Craig. Stop procrastinating, start writing! By Merilee Faber. Another great resource: writing tips from fantasy author Richard Harlan. And lastly, avoid creating stereotypes, by Jody Hedlund.

That’s all for now! May your day be bright and productive. 😀 *gets back to writing*

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