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Hayley’s being released from the hospital. This is good in the sense that she gets to go home, but terrifying in the sense that the doctors simply don’t know what’s wrong with her.

I wish I had more to say than that.

The good news is Duane gets to be there for her birthday on Monday, which is definitely a time for celebration.

Talking about other things now.

Writing has been good this week. I’m thrilled to present a new book, The Sundered, which you can read here: Chapter One. Have a snippet. And links. And other things.

The world I know is flooded.

I believe it wasn’t always that way, but that doesn’t set me apart. All we know now is swamp, tufts of land here and there, occasionally islands or muddy peaks big enough to sleep on. Everybody knows, though, that the water wasn’t there before. That there used to be dry land all over the place. What sets me apart, makes me different, is I believe it can go back to that.

We walk on the tufts, knob-sized things that stick out of the water with limp grass all over them. When there are a lot of them, we have to carry the boats. The water’s black. You don’t go in the water. You don’t touch it. Whatever’s in it will get you, drag you down, and you’re gone. The only safe way to interact with the black water is in a boat or inside the nets, at least if you’re a human. The Sundered can do anything they want in the water. Who knows why.

Maybe that’s one of the things I’ll learn when I find the Hope. It’s supposed to have all the answers.

Intrigued? I hope so! Go visit The Sundered for more. I’ve redesigned the chapter pages so there’s a Brand Spanking New comment form. It works and everything. I promise. 😀

Moon on a Windy Night

And my brain can handle no more heavy thought, so now it is officially links time.

I have trouble believing this: Chinese twins separated at birth but always just “knew” their sister was out there. If this is true, I think those two should run the country. Just sayin’.

Maybe if they did, we might be able to avoid things like The Twelve Worst Photoshop Errors Ever. Three arms, missing limbs… oh, man, what hast thou wrought?

Want to feel old? Playstation is FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. For real.

Back into the literary world, ever wondered what to expect from a literary agent? These two posts (via KT Literary and the Editorial Ass) will tell you.

Are you a writer or just a person who writes? Well, does this apply to you? “It is impossible to discourage the real writers – they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.” Sinclair Lewis had it right, I think.

Speaking of writers, the fabulous Alethea Kontis has writen a short story for our enjoyment: The Monster and Mrs. Blake. Fun read! Go go go!

Sarah Giguere Has a Birthday

And boy, do these people certainly value their reading time. A library in a phonebooth – wow.

Of course, for a change of pace, maybe you just want to write a bad novel. Well, here’s how to do it.

And now, some funny things for you. Because they are funny.

Cats for Gold!

New Moon, enacted by LOLcats. (Psst – the Twilight version is here.)

And lastly, because it’s too funny not to post:

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