The Meme I Forgot

Because I suck. 😀

Happy thing for the last several days:

24th: Getting to re-connect with my aunt. It’s a really nifty thing when you can deal with other adult family members as (finally) an adult yourself and find that you really get along.

25th: CHRISTMAS. Birth of Jesus; family; a bit of peace in the Middle East.

26th: Kitty decided he liked me. Pets usually don’t “pick” me, for some reason; it was awesome that this one did.

27th: Book is officially under 80,000 words. O_O


29th: Done. No, seriously: done. There will be future polishing, yes, but the big-huge-major-I-understand-how-to-fix-this-now edit is done. @_@ Next step is submitting. Aaaaah.


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