Survival of the Nuttiest

1. Final huge crazy edit of Mab is Dead before sending manuscript to agent who requested full.

2. Web design business is actually doing well! I have clients! WOO! Allow me to present my latest, Gigi Vernon, historical mystery writer. Feel free to spread the word. 😀

3.+ Family stuff is crazy. Still not sure if we’re moving. Down to one car (which is honestly okay, as I work from home). Have had no time to exercise of late (bleh).

I’m going quite insane.

In lieu of further updates, have some links.

An interesting article by LA Banks on writing the paranormal, which pairs in interesting ways with this post from literary agent Chasya Milgrom on censorship and books. A post by lovely author Cyn Balog on characters – their relationships, their history, and making them real. And just for fun and hilarity, a post by author Tawna Fenske that is – in her words – Too Weird to be True. Trust me – this is a hilarious read.

That’s all. 😀

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