Sundered Query: Revision!

Update: click here.

Tried a completely different direction. Here we go!Harry Iskinder is searching for the Hope of Humanity, and if he doesn’t find it, everyone on earth will die.

The world is flooded with black water that kills on contact. Powerful but mentally damaged creatures called the Sundered provide food and shelter, but under duress — they are incapable of disobeying human beings. Harry’s family has watched Sundered numbers dwindle, and raised Harry to know the score: once the Sundered are extinct, humans will follow. The Hope, if it even exists, is supposed to counter both the deadly water and Sundered-dependency, and Harry has dedicated his life to finding it.

But all is not as it seems. Harry hears rumors the Hope might actually be a weapon — a Sundered weapon, designed to free them from their human masters in a bloody revolt — and it needs to be destroyed. Harry’s own Sundered One says differently: the Hope is tied to Sundered survival, and destroying it would destroy them.

Keep the Hope or destroy it? First he has to find it. And he has to find it soon. Others are looking for the Hope, too, and if it is a weapon, they won’t use it for the good of anyone but themselves.

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