Short Stories For the New Year

I’ve joined a writing club. It’s scary: it requires me to write something every single week for the next year.

You won’t be seeing all these tales, of course. A few are just personal rants or blog-posts. Some, however, are short stories, and these, I am utterly pleased to give you.

For now, here are three:

  • Freedom: A dark little tale about some folks from the future whom we’ll never see again.
  • No Home: One of the members of The Dream asked for his own side-story this week, and he got it. Warning: it’s sad.
  • Come With Me if You Want to Live: This is a snippet from a work-in-progress called The Price of a Feather. The protagonist, Alex, is a twelve-year-old boy with lots of problems; he’s intelligent and eloquent, but sheltered, weird, and – worst of all – he grew wings on his birthday. This set off a chain of events which will affect the whole world – and he might not survive them.

Enjoy. 🙂


A three-times bestselling author, Ruthanne Reid has led a convention panel on world-building, taught courses on plot and character development, and been the keynote speaker for the Write Practice Retreat. Author of two series with five books and fifty-plus short stories, Ruthanne has lived in her head since childhood, when she wrote her first story about a pony princess and a genocidal snake-kingdom and used up her mom’s red typewriter ribbon in the process. When she isn’t reading, writing, or reading about writing, Ruthanne enjoys old cartoons with her husband and two cats, and dreams of living on an island beach far, far away. P.S. Red is still her favorite color.