Quick Update!

Let’s see, what’s going on? Just got back from grandma’s place, where we had a terrific time, though it’s still hard to see her struggling; I have kept up my decision to exercise five to six days a week, in the gym, first thing after I wake, and I feel good; also, still tweaking my query. I find I’m editing it slightly depending on which agent is getting the submission. This is getting exciting, yo.

Someday, I will catch up on Livejournal. Someday. *cues flute of forgetfulness* Have some links!

About the Dreaded Rewrite – ooooh (by Deadline Dames, which is a fantastic site I hope you’ve already discovered.)

Castles Made of Paper – I know it sounds weird, but these photographs are absolutely stunning.

How to Get Money Out of a Publisher – fantastic advise for the already-published by Kristin Nelson.

Rottweiler adopts wolfcub – oh, the cute. OH. *love*

Book Publishing Glossary – this is an invaluable resource. Thank you, Nathan Bransford!

Broccoli Kitten Loves Broccoli – a video. Unspeakably cute.

And last but not least, as a warning to us all….

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