Query: Mab is Dead (Take One)

Twelve-year-old-Alex has never been outside the exclusive brothel that owns his mother. Escape is impossible with security designed for royal clientele, no matter how much he wants it, but he finally gets his chance the day he grows wings.

Alex’s flight to freedom rips through the veil between the modern human world and the magical, and the other side is a mess. The Tohu want to wipe out the Unseelie fey in magical genocide. The Wild Hunt is running around in the human world, indifferent to satellite imagery and other revelatory dangers. Worse yet, the magical community will not abide any threat to its secrets, and that includes Alex’s ignorance. Every time he opens his mouth, his life is at risk.

He’d be smart to stay quiet, but his wings come with strange properties: an irresistible urge to protect, and the ability to repel attacks. Alex soon finds himself standing between the Unseelie fey and their enemies, but he won’t be enough on his own. Mab, the long-dead queen of the Unseelie fey, is stealing their magic. She’s angry, and until she’s happy again – dead or not – she won’t give them even enough power to defend themselves.

Hiding his ignorance is already hard. Protecting the unwilling Unseelie king is harder. Now, Alex has to pacify a dead woman – or the whole Unseelie kingdom will die.

Mab Is Dead is YA modern fantasy, complete at 66,000 words.

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