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I had a fairly uncomfortable realization today, and it got me thinking.

See, there are “issues” popping up in my books. Themes. Recognizable themes, corresponding directly to “issues” I happen to be going through on my own.

So does this happen to you? Do you see anything your characters struggle with that speaks to your growth, your pain, your joy?

Do you see anything your characters struggle with that speaks to your growth, your pain, your joy?

While you muse over that question, here are some useful links.

Some thoughts on racial diversity in fantasy, by author Cindy Pon. Some excellent advice on rewriting/editing by  author K. M. Weiland. A little note on stylistic repetition by agent Nathan Bransford. An absolutely awesome video  from agent Kristin Nelson condensing cover design to 2 minutes. So worth the watch. Author Maureen Johnson’s fascinating (and painful) read on how (not) to write an author, complete with bizarre sample. (Lemme tell ya, that librarian is going to HATE my book when it comes out. Whenever that happens.)

And last but not least, a fantastic and encouraging comic from Inkygirl. SOMEDAY,

By Debbie Ohi: https://www.flickr.com/photos/debbieohi/374968507/

Now you can answer that question. 😀 (Not to mention the corollary: is it necessary to have experienced some version of the things we put our characters through for it to be genuine? Fear, grief, betrayal, joy, love, etc.?)


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