Obsessions, Delusions, and Writer’s Block

Three fantastic links for you today. From Nicola Morgan:

In which I define what I mean by a Delusional Wannabe

A delusional wannabe is someone who desperately wants to be published, falls sadly short in either ability or a publishable idea or both, AND is not prepared to work as hard as possible to find out exactly how and why she falls short in one or both of those things. A DW will never be successfully published.

A DW will usually not write another book, because writing another book when your first hasn’t been published is hard, very hard. But it makes all the difference between delusion and determination.

Next, from James Killick:

Stop Obsessing About Publication, Start Obsessing About Writing

[P]ublication is no sure-fire guarantee of success, or that we’ll get another book published, or even that our first will stay published – it’s also no guarantee of happiness and it’s certainly not the end of anything – just the beginning of something else.

So what’s a poor unpublished writer to do?

Learn to love the journey, the act of writing itself, irrespective of what will come of it. Make our goal not getting published, but to write the best damn novel/story/play/poem we possibly can, and forget everything else.

And last – for which I saved the best – by Gabriela Pereira:

Five Stages of Writer’s Block

(1) Denial:  “I don’t have writer’s block, I’m just really, really busy.  So busy in fact, that I just can’t seem to find time to do all that writing that I know I should do.  But just you watch: as soon as I’m not so busy, I’ll be writing up a storm.”


No matter what stage of writing you’re in, someone else is there, too – and we can all use a little encouragement.

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