New Hair, New Day

This Independence Day is important for a number of reasons, both historical and personal. I may not be at leisure to say why, so I’ll do this instead:

Time for some new hair.

I didn’t want it drastically new. Nothing I’d regret tomorrow morning. I spent some time playing with “your photo, other hair!” sites, which was less than helpful. (For the record? I and my zits will not be going bang-less. Ever.)

So I made the appointment. Duane calls the results Naughty Librarian. I can definitely live with that.

The curl won’t stay, but that is oookay. We redid my bangs and layered the all-one-length mop, shaping it to frame my face.  She even cut some of the layers specifically so the wee bit of natural curl I do have would make waves.

Hair is like writing – even when it does nothing but grow.

This whole experience got me thinking about writing. (Who’s surprised? *stares at virtual sea of unraised hands*)

Hair is like writing – even when it does nothing but grow. As long as you’re alive, it’s growing – and so should your writing be.

Haircuts are a necessary part of that, too. Sometimes we just need a trim for extraneous words or broken end(ing)s. Sometimes we need a reshape, like I got today, keeping the basic “layout” but modifying the structure.

Sometimes we need an out and out makeover, length, color, and all.

“Restructure” is where I am with Kingmaker. I’m loving this new rewrite, and I’m learning tons as I do it.

What about you? Any projects in your life going through the stages of trim, makeover, color, or growth?

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