New Design 2018

Welcome to the new and improved site! I’ve gone minimal this time around, focusing on fonts and a simplified experience.

You might want to check out the Wiki, in particular. Organized by category and topped with a search bar, it should be much easier to peruse now.

Recent Writing

Audio Story

Wolf  A word of advice. If you see him, don’t run.

Flash Fiction

Moths (flash fiction)

Hell of a Letter (flash fiction)

Ghosts Don’t (free-form poetry)

Short Stories

What happens when a master vampire must kill the “child” he made? Well. It isn’t pretty.

Good Dog
A lost boy. A faithful dog. A bittersweet tale with an ending that might make you cry. (No spoilers.)


As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Welcome to the world of the Mythos!

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