Near the End of Nanowrimo: Notte Snippet

Near the End of Nanowrimo: Notte Snippet

A slightly longer snippet this time, and one I rather like.

“I am Maja.”

A pregnant pause followed.

“You owe me a name,” Maja said.

That was strange. “Why?”

“A name is power. To share it is intimacy. When one gives you their name, you owe one in response, or else you have placed that other in a position of weakness. All will not go well with you if you do not give your name in return.”

Oh, no! How dire was this? “I have no name!” I took a step toward her. “I have no name!”

“Then choose one.” She commanded as if this did not matter at all. “Choose one, and let it stand forever.”

“I can do that?” Names were given by other people, weren’t they?

She looked away, front paws crossed, and her tail curled gracefully against her flank.

Hm. A name.

I wanted one that meant something. One that was important. A name mattered! It meant things. It ought to mean things, anyway, like Horse was called Hestur, and my daughter was my Love. What represented me? Hunger? Blood? Life? Death? Guilt… no, that gave the wrong idea. Happiness! No, I wanted to be happy, but even I could tell that sounded silly.

Wait. There was one thing that came to mind for me.

Endless evenings under the darkling sky, my skin dappled by the lux of stars through trees and the dew-damp grass clinging to my feet in passing embrace. The scent of prey on the wind, and fresh blood growing cold and stick on my fingers.

“Night.” I stood proud, shoulder back and chest out. “I am Night.”

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