Nano 2013, Here We Go!

Nano 2013, Here We Go!

Somehow, I am actually up to date on my wordcount. Today’s suggested goal is 13,333, and I am up to 12,650, which means by the end of the day, I will be right. Now, as for how the heck I am managing this, I have no freaking clue. I’m just showing up at the page, and things are happening. It got me thinking, the things that are happening.

And what have I learned so far, kids and criminals?

  1. Not all the stuff I write is keepable. That’s okay.
    What I find I’m doing is sort of mapping out these new scenes by stumbling through them, and in the process, new ideas form. I don’t edit during Nano; that would completely defeat the point. However, sometimes I do write scenes over again from a different angle. It’s all new words.  It isn’t cheating. But sometimes, those scene re-writes turn out far better than they would have if I hadn’t been willing to write the scene badly in the first place.
  2. Did I mention I write badly? Pretty sure I did.
    Give yourself permission to write badly. It’s okay to write badly. That isn’t the stuff you will be judged on – but it IS stuff you get to grow from, which makes you a better writer.Oh, hey, Maureen Johnson said it better: DARE TO SUCK. (note: this TOTALLY AWESOME GO-WATCH-IT-NOW YouTube video isn’t willing to load sometimes, so here’s the link just in case.)
  3. Just keep writing.
    Believe me, I know how difficult it is. I am going through a tremendously difficult bout of asthma, my computer died (I’m currently borrowing my husband’s), and I am juggling homework from an intense eight-week class at the same time. It’s possible. It doesn’t mean I’ll shine every single moment, but I will get through – and because I’m willing to write badly, I will also succeed at Nanowrimo.


Thank you, Nora Roberts. That is some fabulous wisdom right there.

I must return to writing. I leave you with a Leopard Gecko asking for a kiss.

(From this adorable video. Do I see some inspiration for How To Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks? I think I do!)


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