I’m Notte a Hack

So one of my favorite authors, Lilith Saintcrow, was called a hack. Why? Because she expects to get paid for the hours of work she puts in. Her response – The Hack Manifesto – is brilliant, and something I whole-heartedly endorse. You owe it to yourself to read it.

So I’ve been thinking lately in strange ways.

I find myself worrying that Mab is Dead is maybe a project like the one mentioned here (also by Ms. Saintcrow – she’s really quite adept) – That Weird Thing that manages to be unique and interesting, but doesn’t easily fit into any niche in the market, and thus is unlikely to get published. I’m never giving up on it, of course. However, it’s time I stopped thinking of that as my keynote piece. It’s not. I have a lot of other things on the docket, and I think it’s time I listed them.

The Sundered – completed and querying. Soft sci-fi, it pushes the hero into a horrible position where the “right choice” means the end of his species.

Eavesdropper, a science fiction short story ready to shop, touching on PTSD and Martian wars and retired soldiers and whether getting a cat will really make your mom stop asking for grandchildren.

Plants is a new story idea, also soft sci-fi, exploring the minds of four people who just might be the last humans left in the universe.

Witch-Hunter, speculative fiction/paranormal romance, is based on the same world as MID. Set decades in the future, it pits a very human (and therefore magicless) protag against a plethora of gods and monsters in a race to stop genocide.

Notte (fantasy) is one man’s 10,000 year journey from biological weapon to perfect gentleman.

Mab is Dead (completed, querying) is YA fantasy, about a mysterious winged boy compelled by instinct to protect a fey prince both in “our” world and the hidden magical realm.

Steam, the second in the YA fantasy series, in which that half-human boy tries to find his place – and finally realizes he’s going to have to make his own.

Shoe Salesman (paranormal adventure), in which an unfortunate clerk finds himself the accidental gamepiece in a magical war.

Sunsets and self-images? Whatever. Just enjoy the pretty.

And there you have it – at least in terms of files actually begun and actively being worked on.

I think I’m going to look back at this post any time I start to fear I’m running out of story ideas. Take that, self-image.

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