I Have Gone Crazy

I’ve ordered business cards. It’s all uphill from here, folks.

(Why did I do this, you might ask? Because of posts like this [S.W. Vaughn] and this [Inky Fresh Press] and this [Maria Schneider] and a dozen other articles spanning the course of several years, including agents’ recollections: they remember you better if you have a business card. They like you better if you have a business card. It proves you have some business sense, and are willing to market yourself.)

(And making this purchase is one of those Big Steps I’m taking toward Doing This As a Professional. Watch out, world.)


16 thoughts on “I Have Gone Crazy”

  1. Love the cards. I had a business designing marketing pieces, including business cards, and these are gorgeous. Well done! I also love the new blog layout – crisp, clean, and easy to read. Good for you, girlfriend!

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