Holiday Updates!

Happy holidays!

We are having such an interesting holiday season. Duane is still jobless, but there are prospects all over the place. The most exciting, currently, are in Cambridge, MA – and Keene, NH.

One job means moving. The other does not.

We are going to be fine whether we move or not. The Keene area is absolutely charming, and has about the same cost of living as we do here, so it won’t be much of an adjustment.

Right now, it just means metaphorically holding breaths until we know if we go. I have to admit – we’re completely at peace with anything that happens. It’s a really, really good feeling.

Writing news: Things are going SO WELL. The post-book-completion-slump has finally passed. The Sundered, Notte, and Steam are all coming along at a pace that pleases me. Steam, in fact, has been completely rewritten, so if you want something new to read, feel free to click for the sample chapter.

Rewritten, I say. Like the wind.

Tonight was one of those nights that reminds me why I’m on Twitter. The brilliant Julie Butcher arranged for editors, authors, and other publishing-type-folk to send white elephant gifts to one another, and then open said gifts together tonight in an online party. Does this rule or does this rule?

MAGICAL RED PEN  from romance author Jennifer Spiller! !!! (It’s a magical pen. Seriously, you must click on this.)

I’ll get a better pic of it later. 😀 I just love the inspiration this brings.

Hope you’re all having a great holiday!

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