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Follow The Light

I am one crazy-sleepy person today, but you know what? I can see the finish line for The Sundered. It’s within reach. Not today, not tomorrow, but very, very soon.

Sadly, it will not be tonight, as this little flu is kicking my derriere. I really need rest. Before I go, however, here are some nifty-nifty links!

Fantastic sum-up of the mess made of this weekend by the brilliant and ticked off John Scalzi. Didn’t hear about this? Let’s just say the expression “cut off your nose to spite your face” applies here. I’m not sure Amazon’s going to recover.

Also by Scalzi, why publishing isnt going away any time soon. In script form. With blood and gore! (This is really worth a laugh.)

By agent Nathan Bransford: a fantastic revision checklist to help you in the final editing stages of a book.  This set of questions really get the old grey cells going.

An example of top-notch writing in opening chapters, provided by agent Kristin Nelson. Enjoy!

Speaking of agents, here’s some fantastic query-related encouragement from author Debra Schubert.

P. S. She used the following comic (from Bo’s Cafe Life) in her post, but I have to repost it here. IT IS MADE OF WONDERFUL.

And that is all!


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