The Tohu

The Tohu is ancient. Frustratingly, it’s also deeply mysterious.

Whether it’s an individual, a negative “force,” the devil, or just a really persistent group of monsters is completely unknown. The Tohu has certainly manifested as all these things, and no matter what anyone does, it continually resurfaces.

It existed before Notte arrived on the scene, so it’s at least 15,000 years old. In fact, it’s responsible for his creation – not that he knows that for a long time.

It’s taken various forms over the years. The name means “void,” which implies their purpose: that until silence and emptiness is reached, the world will never know peace.

Naturally, silence and emptiness seems to mean complete genocide for everybody.

The Tohu, however, has approached this goal consistently through one subtle but effective method: by focusing on “purity. It can be disturbingly easy to turn people groups against one another based on the erroneous belief that one lineage/blood type/magic/religion/race/People is better than another.

Whatever the Tohu is and wherever they come from, they just won’t go away. Among other manifestations, one of their last was The Association – a group of humans who saw all magic and non-humans as a threat to humankind’s very existence.

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