The Breath

Note: this article refers to the people of the Sun’s counterpart to Shadow’s Breath, simply called The Breath.

These guys are mirror counterparts to the Shadow’s Breath, though if you told either species that, they’d probably kill you.

Mythos genealogists generally believe that one of these two came first, and the other resulted from a failed breeding experiment (then just refused to accept that they were Kin). Regardless, they share quite a few similarities with their Shadow counterparts.

  1. Like most of the People of the Sun, they live an average of three to four thousand years.
  2. Also like most of their fellows, they can’t reproduce among themselves. Just like the Darkness, they need a completely different species in order to procreate successfully.
    • One is not considered a member of the Sun unless one shows no heritage from the “other” parent. In this case, that would mean being able to withstand fire, as the Darkness has a lot of trouble with anything burning.
    • There are lots and lots of Kin with the Sun in their blood running around, which is why fire magic is so prevalent.
  3. They control heat, light, and healing – that last is key.
  4. To deal with them, one must restrict their air. If they cannot breath, they cannot fight.
  5. Zenith is their home, of course. They are fairly amicable, and extremely public: they tend to be involved in social and magical politics.
  6. The current “leader” of The Sun by election is Xu Kai, a Green dragon.

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