Robin Goodfellow

A powerful and mischievous Fey, Robin is strange fellow who wanders in and out of history. No one’s quite sure how old he is, though he’s certainly older than he should be; the average Fey lifespan is about three thousand years, and he’s pushing six.

There can be no doubt that if he used his powers for evil, things would go quite badly; he’s a genius tactician, a con-man of the highest order, and always has so many backup plans in place that it’s fairly pointless to foil any of them. If he’s got his eye on a target, there’s little hope for the target avoiding whatever weirdness he has planned.

He’s not really evil, per se, though he’s focused on himself. He’s manipulated Notte more than once, as well as Grey, and plenty others; Notte forgave him (being fooled is a pleasant surprise), and Grey is a little afraid, but there isn’t much he can do about it because Robin actually likes him.

That can be a bad thing.

Robin’s power is a mystery. His magic isn’t siphoned by the Scepter or the Throne (though he claims either, when convenient), so he presents what all Fey had before the protective magic of the Throne and Scepter were set up – and for all we know, might be one of the reasons it was.

He doesn’t make music often, but when he does, he can make music on his pipe that influences the subconscious mind, especially of humans.

Rumor says that pipe is made from the bone of a thing that no longer exists.

Rumor is closer than one might think.

He features in an upcoming short story in the book THE ELEPHANT’S WISH AND OTHER STORIES.