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Ten feet tall and with glowing eyes, the Urayuli are a shaggy-skinned people currently live in southwestern Alaska.


One who is in the process of application to become a Night Child in Notte’s family.

Wall of Time

A construct created from the bodies, blood, and bones of the Saqalu after the First War.

Asgårdsreien [The Wild Hunt of Odin] (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Wild Hunt

A contingent of rebellious young “gods” who were disenfranchised after the general cultural fall of the Norse Mythos empire.


Fairies who choose to live away from the cities of larger beings among the Mythos.


The wind is very much alive. She is also Notte’s friend.

Winged Horse

Native to east Asia, these animals are spread across the known worlds.


A skill nearly lost, world-walking belongs to those who can simply walk from parallel world to parallel world.


Wraiths are pieces of beings who have died and who can never be whole, for most of their essential selves has been destroyed.


Shape-shifting members of the Guardians, these peaceful creatures originated in the British Isles, and transform from wolf to man.


Part lion and part dragon, the Xiezhi are guardians who go on the offensive.

Xu Kai

He’s old and wise (as one might expect), and fairly brave. Most of the green and yellow dragons hid underground centuries ago, but not Xu Kai.


One of Notte’s currently living nine “first-born” children – that is, a vampire he made himself. He was made approximately 150 AD.


Iranian Zār—Stolen Fey—ruled part of Persia called Anshan.


The world of the People of the Sun.


A near-extinct group who could shape-shift into horned beasts. Their strength and ferocity were legend, but their low birth-rate led to gradual vanishishing.


A shape-shifter being from Kenya, the Zimwi are people of the Darkness who transform from humanoid to lion-like creatures.

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