Cape Horn

One of the five southern-most cities, the island-cities of Cape Horn (along with Cape Hope, Cape Heart, Cape Hand, and Cape Harm) curve like a row of dirty pearls. They’re a mish-mash of cultures, brimming with crime and con-artists. Cynicism abounds. Nobody there believes in the Hope, or that it ever existed in the first place.

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This city was the meeting-point for Harry Iskinder and Artemus Parnum after the disastrous events in Tauri. It also showed a glimpse of lingering Earth cultures. The original 53 survivors came from all around the world, selected by The Association (also knows  as The Tohu, the Void, Apocalypse, and many other similarly dramatic names) as the only ones worthy of surviving the human race’s end. They brought with them what they could: cultural items and accoutrements, clothing, recipes, samples of food carefully flash-frozen and stored, texts a4nd vids on religion and history and mythology and legend.

Only 53 people had been chosen, and it was not nearly so egalitarian as to include one from each surviving country. Four were caucasian; twenty-two fell into the broad category of “Asian,” including refugees as disparate as Pakistanian and Bruneian; fifteen were from the remnants of the north and south American continents; twelve were from all over the continent of Africa.

The ideal of mixing and mashing cultures never really works as well as some hope. In time, various groups with even mildly similar backgrounds split up.

Those in the southern hemisphere were largely from the so-calle “Asian” countries, which in essence led to their Sundered-powered development of spices, oils, and other goods required to conttinue what lifestyle they eventually settled on.

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