A secretary and transcriptionist for the Hush, Alma is a half-troll, half-something-else, and She. Knows. Everything.

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Apple is Kin. Influential in Notte’s life and one of Horse’s rescues, she helped teach Notte during his time in the city of Az’Kabek.

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An interesting and blue-furred hybrid of troll and human from long, long ago. Most of them are female; the very rare males get fairly cushy lives, if you consider “repopulation” to be an easy job.

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Haneul is part Zhi – a near-extinct shape-shifting people – and part Fey, and currently rules the magical domain including North and South Korea.

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Inka is Kin, a deeply rare Dream-Fey crossover. He functions as a World-Walker for Horse in the city of Az’Kabek.

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Myrddin. Katie Lin’s uncle, and one of the most important members of the People of the Kin.

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Ranier Blood

Dr. Ranier Blood is Kin, and one of the only psychologists to successfully straddle the worlds of the Ever-Dying and the Mythos.

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