The Sundered Query

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The world is flooded, technology is all but gone, and Harry Iskinder is crazy enough to think there’s hope.

The “Hope of Humanity” – whatever and wherever it is – will supposedly fix the world’s problems: water that kills on contact; tiny cities crowded onto small remaining swatches of land; and of course, the dwindling Sundered.

The Sundered Ones are an alien species with strange abilities and broken minds. Powerful enough to alter matter at will, they’re incapable of disobeying the will of human beings. Overuse is sending them toward extinction, and once they’re gone, humans will follow. A chance encounter with a powerful Sundered One leads Harry into a centuries-old conspiracy of secrets and deceit, and he faces a terrible choice: believe the Hope is what he’s always been told, or accept the new idea that it might be a Sundered weapon, designed to destroy mankind before mankind can destroy what’s left of the Sundered.

THE SUNDERED is an intense 98,000 word “soft” sci-fi novel set in a world where hope is pitted against truth, and where every choice has consequences. It will appeal to readers of speculative fiction, character-driven conflict, and situations with difficult-to-determine morality.

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