Stop Thinking About Marketing

The reason we feel the need to hold baby creations up to some 30-year pro’s for comparison is because our culture teaches us to judge all art according to salability – but salability is not the point of art.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

NaNoWriMo Snippet: Heroes

I now present an unedited snippet from Notte, the dramatic hero of my WIP. SO dramatic. Oh my.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Notte Snippet

The tower was filled with breaking. Breaking wills, breaking minds, breaking cries. At every turn, every landing, even every stairwell, Saqalu draped and twisted, wings out, faces stretched, and if they were aware of me at all, they told me to run.

The Biggest Liar

Your Muse is a Liar, And This is a GOOD THING.

When your muse to you, it’s giving you the tools to become a great writer. Let me show you how.

When Writers Freeze

When Writers Freeze

Writer’s freeze: when you know where you need to go, and maybe how to get there, but when you sit down to write it, your brain just stalls.

Yet More Writer's Block

(And Yet More) Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can be summed up in two ways: Being afraid to write because we think it sucks, and not knowing what to write next.

It's all right to be a beginner

Arm Yourself: You’re Allowed to Be a Beginner

Bear with me. As I write this post, I’m more than a little mad. And I don’t mean “crazy,” either. I encountered a fellow the other day who spoke things so poisonous, so deadly to the creative mind, that I suspect he’s already left a battalion of writer-corpses in his wake.

And I’m not staying silent about it anymore.

Confront Your Fears

Let’s Talk About Fear, Part Two

Practice your tools to fight fear now, while the sun still shines, or you’ll be fumbling to find them in the dark.

A Million Discarded Words

It strikes me that today is a day for encouragement. May this post speed you on your way.

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