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Stop Thinking About Marketing

The reason we feel the need to hold baby creations up to some 30-year pro’s for comparison is because our culture teaches us to judge all art according to salability – but salability is not the point of art.

Just Keep Writing (even when it hurts)

So I wrote today for the first time since my dad died. It was not, shall we say, a *good* experience.

Writing Fatigue (and what to do about it)

This month is not about producing something publishable. It’s about teaching yourself to just keep writing, to ignore the inner editor, and to let yourself just spill words onto the page.

An uncomfortable truth (about writing)

An Uncomfortable Truth (About Writing)

Fellow writer, this will not feel good to read, but it is VERY IMPORTANT.

Stop wishing. Start doing.

Keep Going (Just Like Pixar)

Two of my favorite go-to videos when I’m feeling down about writing. Take a few minutes and watch. Your heart will thank you.

Kill Your Filter Words (And make your writing more powerful)

This one simple tip can add zest and power to your writing.


How (And When) to Handle Critics

Lemme tell ya something: you are never going to make everyone happy.

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