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Notte Snippet: Yes, That’s Elf-TV.

It was some kind of fey soap opera. Falling somewhere between clownish tragedy and romantic comedy, it shone with vibrancy and humor in this dark, underground world.

NOTTE Preview: His Secret Home

His hunger tainted everything, the world, the sky, the air. I ran from it, ran underground, down, down, as far away from the heat and the hunger as I could, and did not stop until I found the lowest place.

Notte Snippet: New Purpose

Warnings: this is COMPLETELY unedited. There will be typos, clunky sentences, and entire segments that will not make it to the final product. Still want to read? Brave. I knew I liked you. “Night-child.” A voice. How odd, thought I, that here, at the end of all things, I should hear a voice. Of course, I ignored …

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Notte Snippet: The First Mistake

Only one structure of any significance rose from the place, and it had been built not only with mud and rocks, but also bones. Human, animal, and unknown – if it once comprised something’s skeletal structure, it was evidently good enough for these squalid architects.

Nanowrimo 2012: Snippet From “Notte”

Fair warning: this is almost completely unedited, beyond a quick skim for typos (which I probably missed anyway).That’s okay. First drafts are what they are.

Notte Snippet

I haven’t done a snippet in a while. Here you go – the opening to my next WIP, Notte. Notte. My friend, I ask that you pardon my strange manner of storytelling. It is not my intention to speak with lascivious detail, or to repulse you in any way with strange gore. You have asked …

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Sundered Teaser: Low-Water Freakout

Teaser time! Enjoy. Low-water freakout still has me by the balls, so I stay on deck in the dark. Six other people huddle nearby like paranoid insomniacs, and we think our own thoughts while sailors work around us, ignoring us sort of politely. Seasickness does not a bad-ass make. “It’s pretty, isn’t it?” I say …

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Sundered Snippet

Enjoy a snippet from my book, The Sundered, coming out June 29th from 4th Floor Publication. Brain Damage, Anyone? The scents are the first hint we’ve neared the market, reminders of old food, of fire thick with grease, and ash already burned a thousand times. The temperature rises, unpleasant and cloying, warm air flavored by …

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That Was Not Fun

So, remember this? In preparation for surgery, one of the things they’re trying to do is get my hematocrit (red blood cell count) up to normal levels via something called Venofer, which is given in IV drip. Less than 2% of people have a really bad reaction to this stuff. All I can say is, …

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Sleepy Snippet

Heading home tomorrow. Been a truly unique experience. Also, I took over a thousand photos. Something tells me I have a lot of organizing to do. 🙂 Snippet! Fact two: he had a horrible headache. Careful touching discovered a lump, a decent goose-egg of pain under blood-thickened hair, and that scared him. He’d been unconscious …

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Writer’s block has died in flaming, gory doom. ^_^ Here is a snippet from Kingmaker (renamed from Guardian). Enjoy! Wake up, Alex. Flashes of light, fire and heat dancing in darkness. Pain. He didn’t want to wake. Wake up, Alex. The sear of burned skin, aching. Wings throbbing. No. It’s time to wake up, Alex. …

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This Is Not YA

[NOTE FROM THE FAR-OFF YEAR OF 2018: IT’S NOT YA AT ALL. AH WELL, IT WAS A GOOD THOUGHT.] Know what? I’m no longer writing to please certain people. What’s coming out of me is not your average YA. I love YA – I read it voraciously – but I think it’s time I admitted …

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Sundered Snippet

Snippet toward the end of the Sundered.  I am almost through – then comes the synopsis, then submissions. Yay process! This is the quietest ship in the world by day seven. Nobody talks. People practically tip-toe. And I can see something in the distance. “I’m afraid.” That isn’t what I meant to say.It’s dark. Like …

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Sites and Snippets, Oh My!

Obviously, things have changed around here. I’m going to be editing and altering the look of this page later, but while the grunge thing was fun, it was also completely self-edited – that is, little old me, tweaking PHP and CSS, then using a slightly different PHP and CSS for my blog. No longer! The …

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Great Big Snippet!

Book: No Place for Fey (working title) Genre: Paranormal Romance Warnings for some mild language and such. Enjoy! Kyle Engel had an unexpected office on the fortieth floor. Subtle incense wafted into the hall the moment he opened his door, which yielded to a handprint scanner. Inside, the carpet had been torn away, replaced by …

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