Notte Snippet: where the Dream have Gone

Tiny yearning tugged at me. What would I find, if I could find my way there?

Unnamed Story With Gray: Snippet

That power. Lips could lie but power could not.

I was in a van with Robin Goodfellow
and some Shadow’s Breath rando, and I had no idea where we were headed.

Notte Snippet: The Word of a Friend

We carried stories from town to town, transmitting parables like pathogens, connecting people via the thin threads of empathy and imagination who would otherwise never meet.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

NaNoWriMo: The Salted Road

So many things seem eternal, seem, in the moment, to be without end and culturally permanent scars. The great flood; the memory of dragons; the knowledge that there are demons in the dark.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

NaNoWriMo Snippet: Heroes

I now present an unedited snippet from Notte, the dramatic hero of my WIP. SO dramatic. Oh my.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

BELOVED, NOTTE Updates: The Story Grid

A bit of writing process and a brand-new NOTTE snippet.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Notte Snippet

The tower was filled with breaking. Breaking wills, breaking minds, breaking cries. At every turn, every landing, even every stairwell, Saqalu draped and twisted, wings out, faces stretched, and if they were aware of me at all, they told me to run.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Snippet for August (and a personal update)

Flames dance thanks to exothermic reactions, a process that releases energy to its surroundings in the form of heat and light.

So did she.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

Notte Snippet for May, 2018

She sort of… skipped, boots barely touching the treacherous ground, keeping on her feet even as I slipped and staggered and relied solely on her grip to keep me on mine.

Beloved Notte (coming soon)

NOTTE Snippet for April, 2018

Just a short, dark excerpt from my current WIP, Beloved Notte. Enjoy!

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