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Book News from Ruthanne Reid

Leaving KDP Select (For Now)

Tomorrow is my 11th anniversary. Yay!

I’m using up my remaining “free” days as an Amazon author and giving them to you—starting tomorrow. 🙂

Why I Left Smashwords

I’ve made a scary Indie-pub decision: I’m leaving Smashwords. Let me break down precisely why.

Letting Go of Publishers Marketplace

This is kind of a big deal to me. Publishers Marketplace is one of THE best resources for agents and authors and anyone with a professional interest in the literary world. The contacts are amazing. The information is inspiring. The sneak-preview of what books are sold to which publishers are eye-opening and delicious. It also …

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The Brave and the Bold

So guess what I learned this week?

That I could attend and work at two comic book conventions, write from 1700-4000 words a day, and realize my mind is already made up about The Sundered. I’m going indie.