Love Makes Whole

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SPOILER WARNING : (If you’ve read The Sundered, you’re good to go. Otherwise, head back to the short stories for safer fare.)

This is a very special set of short stories.

The idea for these stories came from a suggestion by faithful reader Cameron. Meant to be read chronologically, they encompass a short amount of time after the end of The Sundered.

Writing from a Sundered One’s point of view is very difficult; their thought patterns are not remotely linear, so consider what you see here as a boiled-down, for-humans version.

If you’ve read the book and still have questions, don’t forget to check the wiki page.

  1. Paint Something (1)
    SPOILER WARNING: The events of THE SUNDERED are past. Harry survives, seemingly alone, and yet less alone than he’s ever been in his life. And his new family wants him to… paint something?
  2. 542
    SPOILER WARNING: Gorish loves Harry. This probably saves Harry’s life. A short story taking place after the end of THE SUNDERED.
  3. Paint Something (2)
    SPOILER WARNING: Unwanted memories brought back to life; uncomfortable truths faced; Harry’s day is getting weirder.
  4. By the Numbers
    SPOILER WARNING: Little Quimby, the bright red sea-star, has a mind quite unlike most of her brethren… that is to say, she really likes pretty things. A short story taking place after the end of THE SUNDERED.
  5. Beautiful Boy
    SPOILER WARNING: Bakura, one of the scariest Sundered Ones ever born, has a few opinions on things. To be honest, he just wants to have fun. This short story takes place after the events of THE SUNDERED.
  6. To Amend This Fault
    SPOILER WARNING: This is Aakesh’s story, from his tumultuous “birth” to what happened after THE SUNDERED. First-tier? You’ll finally find out what that means.
  7. Let Slip the Dogs of War
    SPOILER WARNING: And at last, Motherwater has her say… and it’s not a good one. Deep, strange, dangerous thoughts taking place after the end of THE SUNDERED.